Ores In The Mod

Here is a list of all the ores currently in the mod with info about each. Here you can find their uses, spawn level, max vein amount, and much more!


Platinum is one of the most important (if not the most important) ore in the mod. Mostly everything that you need to take down kaiju has some platinum in it somewhere.

Spawn Level: 32-0

Vein Size: 5

Rarity: 5


Titanium is another very important ore. It's main use is for titanium plates (which is used to craft a lot of weapons and utilities) but as the mod progresses it will have more and more uses.

Spawn Level: 52-0

Vein Size: 6

Rarity: 6


Aluminium is used for many things. You need it to make aluminium rodes, frames, and many other materials that are used to create different items.

Spawn Level: 58-0

Vein Size: 8

Rarity: 6


Black-Iron is another one of those ores that you need to create many weapons/items. You may better know this ore from the "Superheroes Unlimited Mod" which is also created by Tihyo. However, the black-iron and this mod looks slightly different so you can tell the difference.

Spawn Level: 64-0

Vein Size: 7

Rarity: 25


If there is anything you need to make that has some electronic side to it, you'll probably need silicon somewhere down the line. Silicon is used in a lot of recipes dealing with electronics. This ore isn't too difficult to find but sure is important.

Spawn Level: 54-0

Vein Size: 7

Rarity: 8

Planet X Rock

Planet X Rock is the rock found on Planet X. It looks similar to bedrock and is used to create the Xilien Workbench.

Spawn Level: 25-0 (Only in Burn't Grassland Biomes)

Vein Size: 1

Rarity: 8


Though copper is used for numerous things, it's most important is the Diving Suit. This Diving Suit is the only thing that keeps you alive when using the Oxygen Destroyer!

Spawn Level: 42-0

Vein Size: 3

Rarity: 5