Getting Started


Are you a fan of the Godzilla Movies? Is Minecraft starting to get too easy in your opinion? This mod adds in the "King of Monsters" Godzilla (and other monsters) to your world so you can say yes to both! With giant monsters roaming around, your experience is sure to be changed! Minecraft just got a whole lot bigger!!!




Don't Underestimate Kaiju


  You've successfully installed the Godzilla Mod and are ready to play. You create a new world and jump right in. At first, things seem normal. You go off exploring and gathering materials. You think you're awesome and you're so good at Minecraft until, you here a faint sound.


  At first you disreguard it thinking it was just some ambient Minecraft sounds but then, you here it again. This time it's more distinct. You continue to do whatever you are doing at the time. Then, the noise gets louder and more clear than ever before. The roar of a gigantic beast floods you with ear bursting terror. You look up and in the distance you see a figure, a figure of the most terrifying thing you've ever seen. The figure turns it's head towards you and charges. As the figure becomes more clear to your eyes, you see this is not any ordinary mob. This mob is 10 times the size of any mob you are familiar with.


  The beast approaches you but then stops. It just stands there staring at you when all of the sudden it opens it's mouth and releases a might roar. It's spikes light up, and atmoic rays shoots out of it's mouth destroying everything, including you... 



The Right Way To Begin


   So you may be asking, "I just installed the mod but how do you recommend to start? Is there anything I should avoid?" Well, this article is going to answer those questions. 


   First thing you want to do is get a home or base set up. It really doesn't matter what material it is made of or where it's located but you need somewhere to go when things get tuff. When you eventually gain enough courage or utlilities to go mining, make sure you grab platinum. Now all of the ores in the mod are important but the platinum is the most


   Now that you have a good amount of materials and ores, you need to start crafting weapons and other useful things like guns and/or bombs. If you try to fight a kaiju with just diamond gear IT WON'T WORK! Most of the kaiju are too powerful and you won't survive! There may be some monsters that you can luckily take down but don't waste your time on it.


   You want to make weapons that are effective for the kaiju you are trying to take down. Certain monsters spawn in certain biomes/places so find out what monsters are near you and make the weapons that are effective against them first. You don't want to be in a situation where there is an unexpected monster that has blocked your path and you've made a weapon that will barely do anything to it.


   Well, that's about all the advice I can give you for now. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I may not respond right away but  I will try to answer as many as I can. Just remember, "Don't Underestimate Kaiju!"