Here is a list of all the credits for the mod! Thanks to all who have spent time and effort into creating this awesome mod!

Mod Creators:

Creator - Tihyo

Co-Creator - ProvenBeat

Board of Directors:


- Tihyo

- ProvenBeat

- General Gigan

- Typhoon419

- Lonlyreaper

- orlandoh2002

Model Credits:

Godzilla: ProvenBeat

Burning Godzilla: ProvenBeat

Rodan: ProvenBeat

Dorat: Tihyo

King Ghidorah: ProvenBeat

Mothra's Egg: ProvenBeat

Mothra Larva (1961): ProvenBeat

Mothra Larva: ProvenBeat

Mothra's Cocoon: ProvenBeat

Mothra: ProvenBeat

King Kong: ProvenBeat

Battra Larva: ProvenBeat

Battra: ProvenBeat

Skeleturtle: ProvenBeat

Xilien: Tihyo

Infant Island Native: ProvenBeat

The Shobijin: ProvenBeat