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Mod Add-Ons (Outdated)

Do you love the Godzilla Mod but you just want to see what else you can do with it? Well here is the place! Check out all are Godzilla Mod add-ons/extensions and use the mod to it's full potential!

Updated to V1.5

This resource pack is for those who have difficulty running the mod. It has been reported that some users can't play the mod because the default textures are such high resolution and their computers crash. If your computer can't handle the default textures in the mod, this pack is right for you.


Note: Do not install like normal texturepack. Instead, open up the Godzilla Mod zip and find the "assets" folder. Then open up the texture pack's zip and locate it's "assets" folder. Finally, replace the "assets" folder in the Godzilla Mod zip with the one from the texture pack.

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